About Us

Future Smiles is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides vital oral health care to vulnerable children throughout Nevada. Our goal is to instill positive oral health behavior by providing educational and dental tools that children need to develop strong dental hygiene habits.

Future Smiles has been combating oral pain by providing dental services to needy children since 2009. We work tirelessly to remove barriers to care by providing many of our services where children spend a significant portion of their day- in school during school hours.


A lifetime of dental wellness


Future Smiles is determined to end oral pain and suffering among Nevada’s neediest children by partnering with the community to deliver essential preventive and educational services.

Nevada Medicaid

Nevada Medicaid provides medical and dental assistance to qualifying individuals and families. Those age 21 and younger are eligible to receive comprehensive dental care such as periodic and routine dental services needed for restoration of teeth, prevention, and maintenance of dental health.