The votes are in: Future Smiles is the recipient of NWP’s 2018 Impact Grant!

Congratulations to Future Smiles, who will receive $465,000, a much higher sum than we anticipated at the beginning of the grant season. The original stated amount of $405,000 was increased because our 2018 membership increased. Thank you members! Last year we ended the season with 97 members on our roster. This year we have 108! So aside from funding Future Smiles’ new clinic, the Nevada Women’s Philanthropy Dental Wellness Center, as well as a dentist and a dental assistant, FS will also have an additional unrestricted $60,000 to help our at-risk children have beautiful smiles.

Thank you for an amazing year. It's been an honor and pleasure serving as your President. Gratitude,


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Our dream is coming true! Take a glimpse inside the future NWP Dental Wellness Center-

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In February, Future Smiles proudly welcomed Dan Edwards, CEO of Pact-One Solutions, as newest addition to the Board of Directors.

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6 Questions with Terri Chandler - Founder of Future Smiles

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