Statewide Nonprofits Find Needs, Distances Great In Nevada

Apr 05, 2018 by Doug Puppel

Nonprofits working at both ends of Nevada find the needs deep and the distances great.

Despite being 450 miles apart, Reno and Las Vegas share many qualities: Both are among the nation’s fastest-growing communities, and they have diverse populations with many born somewhere else.

They also suffer from growing pains that have prompted nonprofits to expand their service areas from one part of the state to the other.

Project REAL, a Las Vegas-based organization that teaches children about the law, plans to open an office and hire staff in Reno.

It’s kicking off its expansion on April 26 with Lyrics & Lawyers, a karaoke competition for attorneys being judged by Nevada Supreme Court Justice Lidia Stiglich and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. The event is the group’s first fundraiser in the north.

Project REAL is following a path blazed by other nonprofits, including Las Vegas dental charity Future Smiles, which expanded into Northern Nevada in late 2016.

Going the other way was Immunize Nevada. The group, which promotes vaccinations, is based in Reno and began statewide operations in 2007 before opening an office in Las Vegas in 2015.

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